Artificial Life III



Artificial Life 3 is a FPS, based on Unreal Tournament idea, adding a different solo, with a tournament system.

This is done, the 3rd title of Artificial Life series has been released; the best title of this series ever made. What makes Artificial Life III - Tournament better is the AI, a medium intelligence, that allow you to play as well if you played with a friend... We can notice the weapons varieties (7 guns). You can use from the classic gun to the mini guided missile.

About the different mods:

  • The Deathmatch, a fight in a map of your choice, with a choice of enemies.
  • The Tournament, like the story, allow you to create a player, choose tournaments, upgrade your weapons... and more...

You can configure the game in options. This will allow a maximum number of computer to run this game correctly.


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