Historical chronology of this adventure...

What was there before Byron 3D Games Studio ? Which projects were started? (but not necessarily ended).

Here you will find a chronology showing all steps before arriving there:

Begin Description
2002-11-10 The Robots: After consulting my archives, it seems to be my first try, as a project.
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2002-11-30 The Labyrinthe: This project was an opportunity to confront the joys of sliding collisions... or not!
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2002-12-18 Total War: Nothing really new here, just a first attempt at a first-person view.
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2003-04-08 Battle Tank 3D: Tests on small effects (explosions, smoke, tank caterpillars that move forward...).
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2004-08-07 Heavy Machines: First test on an RTS. And as to make it complicated, why not try a remake of the great Machines by Acclaim ?
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2005-07-26 Artificial Life - Only Fight: Probably my first real project sufficiently successful, including a multiplayer and a level editor.
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2005-09-05 Jedi Legacy: Searching for a lightsaber effect, then managing more advanced animations with TRTT. First test with heightmaps.
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2006-01-08 One Must Fall 2097: Try to remake a game of the same name (Epic Games). It was clear, fighting games were not my cup of tea! (Managing hot spots collisions)
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2006-01-14 Artificial Life II - Destruction: Resumption of Artificial Life series! Second component, the 3rd person view, with more advanced visual effects (shaders). Using more advanced Limbs of a mesh. Retrying in multiplayer.
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2006-02-17 It was not my first website, but it was the beginning of Byron 3D Games Studio! Site where I put my projects, with description and downloads available.
2006-06-20 Insane Spaceships: Start of a new type of project, Shoot em up oriented. It was more of a mad frenzy that any other thing, since I have even received a request to make a patch in order to disable the music!
2006-07-08 Artificial Life III - Tournament: It is: the most accomplished of my projects (not a remake). Excepted Unreal Tournament's sounds, I did everything myself! This was also my first real Bot, able to play against a human! In addition to the FPS aspect, there was a side management, registering to tournaments, buying weapons, and even borrow funds!
2006-09-23 Insane Spaceships 2: I found this project so delirious, I thought a second version could have been envisaged. More 3D oriented, I've never finished it... not enough interesting.
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2006-10-18 In the unplayable games category, I say Virtua B-Foot! Yes, I do it for you, a playable Baby Foot, using the mouse (no Wii at this time...). It works even in multiplayer! Can be categorized as experimental...
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2006-12-17 Populous - The Aftermath: Populous's lover, third edition (Bullfrog, I've always been fascinated by the technical aspect of the game (3D planet with 2D characters). But the laws of STR quickly caught me up. This project has not been continued.
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2007-02-02 Weapons Online: Back on FPS with a multiplayer test, offering a range of weapon (provided in kits DarkBasicPro). This project was purely multiplayer oriented (chat, head movements, extrapolation...). Personal touch on the player's legs visibility (unusual in those days!)
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2007-02-19 Insane Spaceships 3D: Sometime we think to stop a project, but finally, we try to make differently. This time it was for the full 3D. But due to major collisions difficulties (asteroid moving on a multiplayer game), I'll let you guess the rest.
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2007-03-07 Lionheart Remake 1.0: Finally! It was exactly what I thought when I put on the web the first version of my remake of Lionheart (Thalion).This platform game held me in suspense for several months fierce! I won't give more detail here, because all information are available on the project page.
2007-04-24 Maze Man Mania 3D: A new page turns, with the appearance of my first commercial project (published by Xing Interactive). An adaptation of the famous Pac Man, in 3D.
2007-08-27 WWW.B3DGS.COM: And you're here. My first domain name with hosting. A commercial project, worth celebrating, and it offers more luxury! So since then, the story continues... The second argument was related to the release of Lionheart Remake, to be sure that the site will be able to hold the massive influx of access (compared my old website in
2007-10-27 Lionheart Remake Evolved: Second big revision of Lionheart Remake, this time with new graphics, generously provided by the original designer, Henk Nieborg in person!
2007-11-26 Pinball 3D: This project could have been interesting, but I was too much involved in my remake of Lionheart to take this project over the long term...
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2008-01-19 Lionheart Remake Enhanced: Third big revision of Lionheart Remake. The highlight? Extremely faithful to the original version. I shall say it was more a clone than a remake...
2008-03-17 Pentrix 3D: New commercial project, this time with a Tetris... in 3D! Always for Xing Interactive always, this project has helped to earn money, dedicated to my website.
2008-10-19 Lionheart Remake 1.5: A special version of Lionheart Remake, especially for Christmas (with graphics version snow!)
2008-12-03 Future Warzone: Intended to be commercial, it was canceled, and stayed in the wonderful free world. I will not say that this project is finished...
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2009-09-12 Magic Grid: Nice little project, taking the principle of the image to restore, with an increased difficulty, as it evolves in 3D. Beware of headaches!
2010-06-13 LionEngine: Heavy project: A game engine, written in Java, used for my current projects. It is the culmination of several years of experience in game development.
2010-06-13 Lionheart Java Remake: What is better than a second project to make my engine be better! Thus began a new version of Lionheart Remake, completely redesigned, working in Java! (bye bye DirectX)
2010-10-31 Warcraft Remake: After several retirements in the STR field, I had a rematch. It was also an excellent way to improve my LionEngine, including an easy management of the pathfinding.
2011-01-13 JScrabble: Almost 1 year of intensive Java practice, and now a new project (completed in 2 months) completely successful. The famous Scrabble on your computer, in multiplayer, with an AI which can exceed the 1000PTS!
2011-08-20 Mario: Not really a true project, it is more likely a prototype using the LionEngine v2 for a platform game tutorial.
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2011-09-01 DinoFight: Made during an intern ship at MotionTwin, using for the first time the web technology. I worked during 2 month (learning & development)
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2012-01-27 Tyrian Remake: First Shoot'em Up in developpement. This project will provide an opportunity to put forward again the potential of the LionEngine, always in constant improvement.
2014-03-30 LionEngine Site: Dedicated website for my engine, which contains all the needed documentation, with progressive tutorials and schemas in order to understand everything.
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